Double Knee Replacement at 93

Years of operating a farm and being known as a "jack of all trades", really took its toll on Donald Deist’s knees.  He was experiencing a lot of pain and knew that if he didn’t do something, he would end up depending on a wheelchair to get around. 

Donald Deist met with Dr. David Girdany to discuss options for his knee pain.  They decided a knee replacement was the way to go, but some underlying health conditions required him to pass an extensive physical.  Once Donald passed his physical, he had his first knee replacement in July.  The day after surgery, Donald told Dr. Girdany that he had a job for his other knee.  His second knee replacement was completed two months later. 

"Half of the operation is feeling comfortable with the doctor.  Dr. Girdany is easy to talk to and he really listens."  Donald also really appreciated the fact that he was able to do some rehabilitation at the hospital and was then able to continue his rehabilitation at home.  "Somerset Hospital and Somerset Home Health provided great care.  I am very satisfied with everything." 

Dr. Girdany is a board certified orthopedic surgeon at Somerset Orthopedics.  To schedule an appointment, call 814-443-1281.