Hip Replacement at Somerset Hospital

 A few years ago, Rick Barron had back surgery.  After his recovery, he was at a basketball game and his physical therapist noticed that he was still limping.  The back surgery did not fix the pain he had been experiencing.

Rick’s family doctor recommended that he get an X-ray.   The X-ray showed that Rick had arthritis in his hip.  At first, Rick received a pain shot in his hip, which took care of the problem.  This was only a temporary solution.  Rick decided he would see Dr. Michael Sobolewski.  They determined that Rick’s best option was a hip replacement.

 "People were surprised that I was getting a hip replacement at Somerset Hospital, I have been absolutely thrilled with Dr. Sobolewski, the hospital, and home health," says Rick.  Three months after his surgery, Rick is back to doing everything he would like, including golfing.

 Dr. Sobolewski is a board certified orthopedic surgeon at Somerset Orthopedics.  To schedule an appointment, call 814-443-1281.


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