New Hope for Non-Healing Wounds

Ed Steinkirchner owner of Listie Catering had an accident injuring his ankle and developed osteomyelitis which is an inflammation of the bone and marrow caused by an infection.  As a result of the infection, a wound was created that just wouldn’t heal.  Because of the wound, Ed was hampered quite a bit.

Ed’s family physician recommended he visit the Advance Wound Care Center at Somerset Hospital.  The center recommended hyperbaric therapy to heal the wound. By placing the patient in a hyperbaric chamber and administering pure oxygen, doctors can increase the amount of oxygen cells carried off through the bloodstream and promote wound healing.

Ed was a little hesitant at first about getting into the chamber, but after several sessions he got accustomed to the chamber and completed his therapy.  The result – his wound was completely healed.

"The Advanced Wound Care Center was very accommodating and worked with my personal schedule even scheduling me in the early morning hours," states Ed.  "I am truly happy with the Wound Care Center.  They got me healthy and back to work," he added.

For additional information on the Advanced Wound Care Center at Somerset Hospital, call 814-443-8225.

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