Personalized Care at Somerset Hospital

Carol Rosemeyer first met Dr. Rafael Valladares after an appendix attack.  He came in on a Saturday morning to laparoscopically remove her appendix.  Her scar was literally the size of a dot and she was extremely pleased. 

Fast forward to one year later.  After three episodes of diverticulitis and a family history of colon cancer, Carol was told that she would need to have a portion of her colon removed to prevent future episodes.  She decided Dr. Valladares would do this surgery, as well. 

Approximately, one foot of Carol’s colon was removed laparoscopically.  "Dr. Valladares did an excellent job explaining the procedure to me.   I felt my entire care was very personalized while I was in the hospital," states Carol. 

Carol no longer has any symptoms of diverticulitis and has been very pleased with her recovery.  She is back to traveling without worry. 

Dr. Valladares is a general surgeon at Somerset Surgical Services.  To schedule an appointment, call 814-443-2100.