Women’s Health Services

The Women’s Health Services at Somerset Hospital provides comprehensive obstetrical, gynecological and medical services for women of all ages.

The unit features spacious attractive birthing suites decorated to create a home-like atmosphere. Our birthing suites feature four different themes. There's the beach room, the traditional room, the contemporary room and the angel room. Each theme is carried out throughout the room in border or wallpaper, in the bedspread, the shams and even the knick-knacks. Compact disc players are available with music or nature sounds for added relaxation. The decor isn't the only feature. Jacuzzi bathtubs and birthing chairs are also available to the expectant moms.

We also offer a state-of-the-art nursery for infants with special needs and the following services: lactation consultants; midwifery services; prepared childbirth and childbirth refresher courses;  sibling classes; home health services; and, bereavement counselors and support.

Neonatal Simulation Lab

As part of our efforts to continually improve the patient and baby experience,  Somerset Hospital has partnered with Allegany College of Maryland to obtain an interactive neonatal simulation lab.

Even for trained healthcare providers, caring for a newborn can be difficult because of their size, delicacy, and unknown health conditions. That’s why Somerset Hospital and Allegany College of Maryland Somerset Campus chose a medical tool to help train a wide range of health personnel, including nursing students.

Through funding provided by the Allegany College of Maryland Foundation and several public and private grants, Somerset Hospital has obtained the SimNewB interactive pediatric simulator. The hospital is the only rural hospital in the state to have this level of technology. Total cost of the simulator was $45,000.

 The pediatric simulator provides hands on experience needed in a risk free manner that works to enhance the confidence and prepare staff for the real patient environment. A wide variety of patient conditions can be simulated ranging from a limp, cyanotic newborn with no vital signs to a moving, crying, vigorous newborn.   The simulator allows for training in all aspects of newborn airway management including the placement of airway devices and tubes and IV access.

The simulator represents a full-term, 50th percentile newborn female, measuring 21 inches and weight 7 pounds. It will be used for physician, individual nurse and team training within the Women’s Health Services department and related departments. 

Perinatal Central Monitoring System

Patient health and safety is imperative in any care setting, but it becomes a heightened concern during childbirth. To continually provide a positive birth experience, Somerset Hospital has recently acquired and installed the GE Healthcare Centricity Perinatal Monitoring System, an innovative electronic medical record (EMR) to further enhance quality care and patient safety during the labor and delivery process.

The GE Centricity Perinatal Central Monitoring System is one of the most technically advanced and flexible systems available today. With this system, staff and physicians can monitor labor contractions and both mother and baby's heart rate from either the bedside, at the physicians’ office,  a central nurses' station or at remote viewing stations beyond the walls of the hospital. A unique split screen feature even allows staff to monitor multiple patients at one time.

All information is quickly, efficiently, confidentially, and electronically stored in the EMR. This technology decreases the amount of time caregivers spend collecting and updating paper charts and increases the amount of one-on-one time spent at a patient's bedside. There's no need to wait for test results. All pertinent information is current and immediately available to doctors and staff, which is vital during the changing phases of childbirth.

"Taking better care of mother and baby is always our utmost concern. With our new technology, we are able to deliver information needed for timely and appropriate care while helping mitigate risk in labor and delivery," states Suellen Lichtenfels, Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Women’s Health Services at Somerset Hospital. "This ensures Somerset Hospital can maintain the high level of patient safety we always have, whether caring for several patients or just one," Lichtenfels added.

Along with the nursing staff of Somerset Hospital’s Women’s Health Services, the system is being utilized by the physicians and practitioners at Somerset OB/GYN including Dr. Charles Camacho, Arpitha Kalghatgi, MD and Certified Nurse Midwife Julie Huston.
Main number: (814) 443-5077

Suellen Lichtenfels, RNC, Director: (814) 443-5760