Shoulder Replacement Close to Home
Richard Rembold never heard of a shoulder replacement until meeting Dr. Michael Sobolewski.  He went into the office thinking that he had a case of bursitis.  He then learned that his shoulder joint had collapsed and that a shoulder replacement was his only option to regain any use of his shoulder.
"Dr. Sobolewski really took his time with me.  I never felt rushed.  Every question I had was answered and he did a really great job explaining everything to me, both before and after the surgery," says Richard.
It’s only been a few months since Richard’s surgery and he is feeling great.  He has complete range of motion and no pain in his shoulder.  "Despite having other orthopedic surgeries, this one was the easiest and most rewarding."

Dr. Sobolewski is an orthopedic surgeon at Somerset Orthopedics.  To schedule an appointment, call 814-443-1281.