Somerset Pediatrics is a Home Medical Practice

 The Somerset Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center in Somerset has earned the designation as a Medical Home Practice.  At a Medical Home Practice, physicians work with children who have special needs and their families as they face multiple challenges each and every day.  The medical providers at Somerset Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center include Dr. Ajay Singh, Dr. Matthew Masiello and Terry Tallman-Eddy, CRNP.

"As a Medical Home Practice, we hope to significantly reduce challenges to special needs children and provide critical support to make a true difference in the lives of these families," states Dr. Ajay Singh.  Since implementing the Medical Home concept, the practice has worked to improve patient care of complex patients in need of multiple specialty referrals, medical equipment, therapist’s education and even transportation.  In addition, the practice has begun to build a file of state and local resources to connect with appropriate community services.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) introduced the Medical Home in 1967 as a way to enhance the care of children with special needs.  The Future of Family Medicine Project expanded on the concept in 2004 when it called for every American to have a personal medical home.   According to Certified Nurse Practitioner Terry Tallman-Eddy, "Our initial focus has been with providing the medical home concept to children with Down’s Syndrome.  We have formed a parent/partner group to help the practice focus on the special needs population."  Additionally, the practice has started a dental varnish program for children up to five years of age. 

"Special needs children means any child who has or is at risk of developing chronic conditions which require health services of a type and amount not usually required by children of the same age," says Dr. Matthew Masiello.  "Conditions include asthma, ADHD, rare genetic disorders, congenital heart defects, severe allergies, developmental delays and hundreds of other disorders," added Masiello.  It’s believed that one out of every four children in America have a special need.

Parents needing additional information on the Medical Home Practice program may call the Somerset Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center at 814-443-2888.  Their offices are located in the Wheeler Family Medical Center across from Somerset Hospital.

Photo:  Shown are Terry Tallman-Eddy and Dr. Ajay Singh, two of the providers at the Somerset Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center.