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Anti-Coagulation Services-Coumadin Clinic

Anticoagulation Clinic(814) 443-5360

Treating and preventing blood-clotting diseases are remarkable, life-saving therapies. But, they are long-term, often life-long concerns. Warfarin (Coumadin), a drug used to stop blood from clotting, may have serious side effects. Other diseases, age, diet, activities, and other drug therapies may add to the risk of forming blood clots and they can hinder the action of clot stopping drugs. We are here to provide education and guidance for management of warfarin use.

Approach to Therapy

The standard of care for preventing dangerous blood clots requires continuing attention, timely adjustment, and an understanding of therapy risks and benefits. To achieve these standards, recent studies and clinical experience show that therapy through point-of-care clinics—physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and laboratory personnel working together—increase therapy success.


The Clinic, in teamwork with you and your doctor, will help provide safe, effective anticoagulation therapy.


  • Individualized plan of care
  • Educational materials
  • Blood test scheduling and fast-track service through the UPMC Somerset Laboratory
  • Warfarin (Coumadin) dose monitoring and adjustment
  • Diet counseling
  • Drug interaction counseling
  • One-stop information center for warfarin therapy
  • We work in cooperation with your primary care physician

Patient Eligibility

  • Referrals to the Clinic are arranged by your doctor
  • Convenient appointments for blood tests and therapy consults
  • UPMC Somerset Laboratory accepts all health insurance plans

126 E. Church Street, Suite 3100

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