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Going Home

Your physician is responsible for giving permission for your discharge. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to have clothing and arrangements made for transportation on the day of discharge.

Please plan to check out by 4:00 p.m. A nurse will inform you or your party if your attention is needed to complete any forms, however, most paper work is completed upon admission. When you are discharged, the nursing unit will call the escort service to assist you to your car. Make certain you remove all personal belongings from your room.

Discharge Planning

A discharge plan allows patients, caregivers and staff to be better organized and ready for your transition from the hospital.

Your discharge plan will help make a smooth adjustment to the next phase of your treatment. An anticipated discharge date will provide you and your family a timetable to have your discharge needs in order. When your hospital stay is complete, UPMC Somerset wants to be certain that you and those who will provide for you when you leave are ready to continue any ongoing medical care you may need once you are discharged.

Ahead of your discharge, any inpatient ordered tests will be completed and we will have arranged for services, equipment or supplies that you might need for your continued healing.

We want to be sure you and those who will be helping to take care of you after you leave the hospital are aware of your plan of care. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your medical providers before discharge.

Our Outcomes Management Team meets everyday to assist in making plans in advance for your discharge. Together we can assist you and your family members with any needs you may have following your stay here in UPMC Somerset. If you are in need of an extended care or long-term care facility, durable medical equipment, home health care or other rehabilitation services, a member of the outcomes management team can help with the arrangements. There is no extra charge for this service and all information is kept in strict confidence.

Ask your nurse about our discharge planning service or feel free to call us at (814) 443-5108. Anticipating your needs at home is important – Let us help!


The UPMC Somerset Outpatient Pharmacy offers the Meds-To-Beds program. At the time of discharge, UPMC Somerset Outpatient Pharmacy will fill the prescriptions that the physician has ordered. Bedside delivery is available at no additional charge. The UPMC Somerset Outpatient Pharmacy offers bedside counseling with pharmacist, close relationship with doctors, and accepts most insurance plans, credit/debit, cash or check. If you would like to know more, please call (814) 443-5352.

UPMC Somerset Home Health

Today‚Äôs health care delivery system makes it necessary for many patients to recuperate from an illness or an injury in the home setting. The “move” from hospital to home for the convalescing process provides a more comfortable and appropriate environment for patients, and in turn, assists in keeping health care and insurance costs down – a two-fold benefit to patients of UPMC Somerset Home Health. Additionally, as a service of UPMC Somerset, our program brings the same quality hospital-like care right to you by simply calling (814) 443-4663.

UPMC Somerset Home Health provides a comprehensive range of health care services to patients in their home: Skilled Nursing Care, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Worker, Physical Therapy, Speech Pathology, Home Health Aide.

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